CLI for the Fediverse

Jediverse is a command line interface for the Fediverse allowing you to interact with your Pleroma or Mastodon instances. It is written in Java (you can stop laughing) but it is not all Enterprisey. It is just 1 main class and 3 third party jars: JSoup, Guava, and Gson.

What I use the most is stream-user and stream-list. The audible notification is handy. All functions are lists in the help file along with YouTube demos.

Requires Java 11+. Why 11+? I'm using the new HttpClient to handle web sockets. I recommend using 12 from https://adoptopenjdk.net¹.

2 Installation and Run Methods

A. Local build

git clone cd Jediverse ./

B. Maven

sudo apt install maven git clone cd Jediverse ./



Jediverse How-To Playlist


Jediverse screenshot

¹ There is a bug in HttpClient JDK 11.0.3+7. The CPU will spike after stopping a WebSocket stream. The bug is fixed in JDK 12. It might be fixed in 11 in the next version but it was still around as of 11.0.3+7.

Mastodon API Documentation